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Shared Passion for Innovation and medical value


LIVEventures was founded because all five of us feel passionate about advancing Health Care and wanted to be involved in the cutting edge development that comes from early start-up companies.

At the same time we recognized that many companies fail not because they have a bad product, but because they under-estimate the effort or simply do not have the experience and capacity to run a small company and we know we can help them.

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We are a team of enthusiastic individuals with broad experience in pharma, medical devices, and start-up business.

With our early investment approach, we can use our personal involvement in the companies we support to ensure a clear focus on success for the company and your investment.


Our Business Model

We offer a mix of financial investment coupled with an equivalent amount of in-kind investment.

For start-ups, this has the advantage that they can capitalize on our collective experience in the Life Science industry and the management of start-up companies.
For investors this has the advantage that they are guaranteed we have a personal commitment to the success of the start-up and are really close to their operational business.

What type of Investments?

We primarily invest in innovative companies that have a medical technology or service that can make a significant difference for patients. We focus on Switzerland and surrounding EU countries and primarily get involved in seed and pre-seed investment rounds.
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